Third Wheel Collective was founded by actors and teaching artists interested in asking questions and using the medium of performance to explore, elucidate, and further develop a compassionate and holistic view of the world through the performing arts. We are a collaboration-based theatre company. Our intention towards holism unites our varied artistic practices. As artists, we seek to tell stories that inhabit the essential aspects of the human journey.



Third Wheel Collective values community engagement. We offer workshops, weekend intensives, and retreats for performing artists and those interested in exploring the performing arts.


TWC develops and performs professional theater productions every year. We seek out stories and plays that express the essential aspects of being human. Our material incorporates works reaching back to ancient Greece and the Arthurian legend as well as contemporary playwrights and new plays. Music plays an important role in our storytelling. We incorporate original music into our productions, so we can enliven the events of our story.


Our company is comprised of actors who are also musicians and teachers. We are invested in integrating artists from other mediums and disciplines into our work.

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