School Programs


Creative Speech, Storytelling, Drama and Music

Third Wheel teaching artists work in school communities in Australia and the US with students of all ages as well as faculty and staff. At this time, Meaghan Witri and Séamus Maynard are the primary educators for this school and professional development program. Please contact us if your school community is interested in having Third Wheel come to work with you! We are open to new ideas and hearing what would best support your work and school.

Performing Arts Program For School Communities and Classes:

  1. Storytelling through the grades: The stories and epic tales listed below can be offered as part of a creative speech workshop or as a short storytelling performance for a class or small group of classes.

Examples of Storytelling themes for school communities:

  • Kindergarten - Fairy Tales

  • 1st and 2nd - Fairy Tales/Fables

  • 3rd - Old Testament

  • 4th - Norse Myths

  • 5th - Greece - Hexameter

  • 6th - Ancient Rome

  • 7th - Arthurian Legend

  • 8th - 12th - Shakespeare, Parzival, Antigone

  1. Singing and music through the grades: Pentatonic songs, simple rounds and parts singing for the older classes

  2. Professional development in speech and/or singing for faculty and staff

Community Performances:

  1. The Passing of Arthur

  2. Fairy Tales

  3. Henry V

  4. Antigone

  5. Parzival

  6. Living Roots Live Concert